4 Tips to Help You Build a Remarkable Trade Show Booth

That all-important trade show is coming up and you need to stand out above the fray. So how do you come up with a remarkable booth that will get everyone’s attention? Easy, keep these four helpful display tips in mind as you prepare to build.

1. Visual Aesthetic

Tradeshow displays offer a lot of design possibilities to give you any number of ways to promote your product or yourself. With so many booths to visit, you want to make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Visual flair can be a double-edged sword as it’s good for grabbing the attention of attendees whom you need to attract to your booth, but it can also be off-putting if you take it all a bit too far. So think hard about the type of appearance you want to create and then pick the best colors, images, fonts, all of the visual cues that will give visitors an immediate indication of who you are and what you’re all about.

2. Know Your Audience

Design the booth with all of those tools in mind means selecting the visual presentation that reflect your product or brand identity. Your booth is supposed to represent your brand or product and the message you wish to convey about it.

Sometimes visual panache can be too overbearing when your product calls for a more subtle and calm approach. Keeping it simple, earnest, and straightforward will always be more beneficial over spectacle and flair. This is not always the best approach, however. If your brand sells party supplies, then you might want to get a bit over the top and show off your wares at peak spectacle.

3. All about the Swag

Attendees love getting free stuff. But remember, they’re also receiving a ton of it. So your goal is to find something that will make your visitor remember your company, brand, or product, and more importantly, remember you as someone he or she wants to do business with in the future.

This hint also suggests an importance for staying on brand and coming up with a clever and remarkable freebie to give to your attendees when they come into your booth. In some cases it might be a sample of your product, in others a useful item or tool that they can carry with them every day. Pens and tote bags are the first thing that might come to mind, but those also get a bit boring.

This is where your creativity needs to do some heavy lifting, think of something cool and unique to hand out at your booth. You may find that your swag becomes the talk of the convention and people show up just to get one for themselves. That’s your opportunity to give them your pitch, even if they didn’t previously expect to walk into your booth

4. Smart Staff

You may decide to run the booth yourself or you may hire on additional help to do it alongside you. In the case of the latter, be sure you hire the best people who can represent you and your brand effectively and expertly.

Your people are your representatives and it becomes even more important if you’re in the booth with them. If they reflect poorly on you, which makes you look bad.