4 Advantages of Print media over online media

We are nearing 2020- the much acclaimed age of Virtual Reality and you are talking of print? You must be joking! This is what most people would think on reading this title- 4 advantages of print media over online media. Let me state some reasons why.

Reasons why print media still rules

  1. 33% customers do not trust companies who have no printed communication
  2. The ROI of a direct mail is 7:1 while for email it is 38:1.
  3. The shelf life of a direct mail is at least 17 days while email lasts for less than a minute.
  4. Opening rate of physical mail is 91% versus the mere 11% of advertising emails.

5     80% of customers give an immediate response to a brand’s direct mailer.

Now having read this, do believe me when I say that  print media is highly effective even now in the digital age. Custom printing using digital technology has made print collaterals and paper ads hard to resist with their exotic colours and glossy sheen.

If you are still not convinced, make a note of these advantages that print media has over online media.

Advantages of print media over online media

  1. Online media is too crowded

Yes, around 15000 ads circulate per day on online media. With such fierce competition and overcrowding, most of the ads just get missed. In contrast, print media is becoming more exclusive. So print media has more leverage to get noticed. Use custom printing to get your brand collaterals noticed and make the most of print media.

  1. Print media is more efficient

An Infolink survey reveals that the average number of online ads per month is 1904 but 50% of this goes unnoticed. Only 20% of the banner ads are even clicked. In contrast, 79% of the B2B marketers feel that direct mailers are much more effective and evoke instant response.

Utilize the effectiveness of print media in creating innovative direct mailers, brochures, leaflets etc using custom printing and get the edge over your competition.

  1. More attention and recall

Print media and direct mail grabs more attention and response from its receivers. According to a Compumail survey, the response to a direct mail is 5.1% when compared to that of email or paid search at 0.6% , social media at 0.4% or online display at 0.2%.

Another valuable input is that on an average, 30 minutes are spent on reading direct mails while the attention span of an online ad is just 8-9 secs.

So print marketing has more attention span and recall and hence more mileage than online media.

  1. More brand loyalty

Print mailers and leaflets evoke unequalled brand loyalty. Yes, customers who receive catalogs or brochures feel special and cherished and this influences their buying behaviour. the emotional bonding with print collaterals is much more than with online ads.

An online ad is seen and forgotten whereas a print brochure can be looked and relooked, thus generating maximum recall.

The following facts just goes on to prove how print media has more brand loyalty than online media.

  • 92% of shoppers prefer direct mail for deciding on their purchase
  • 23% of the customers bought something due to a direct mail received the previous year.

Print media collaterals with custom printing have the maximum effect on the target audience.

Why custom printing is best for marketing on print media?

Custom printing is the best for all your marketing activities on print media. This is because

  • The designs are special and innovative
  • A uniformity  of design can be maintained across all channels
  • Brand equity is enforced through maximum recall

Make your print media collaterals memorable by using custom print solutions and gain marketing success.