How to Create an Engaging Corporate Video

It’s not enough to just set up a camera and hit the record button. You want to be sure that your video is something that people want to watch. It needs to be compelling and engaging, it has to have a clear message that people can understand. A good corporate video can be entertaining while also being informative. But you must always remain on brand and know your audience.

So how do you accomplish all of these things in just one video? Let’s take a look at some of the ways to make video content that people will actually want to watch.

Something to Say

Do you have it? If not, then you need to come up with something fast. Marketing videos are all about getting your point across with a specific message. But you need to think carefully about how to get that message to your audience.

Approaching the task with a definitive point of view can be accomplished any number of ways, the one you select should the one that best connects with your audience. Marketing videos need to tell a story. That doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be scripted and acted out, but you want your message to be easily understood. That can be achieved through testimonials and personal stories about your brand.

Your main goal here needs to be finding how to make that direct, emotional connection.

Know your Audience

The choices you make for finding that emotional connection need to be determined by the audience you’re trying to reach and the product or service you are marketing. A video appealing to a younger demographic is going to look different than a video that speaks to an older audience.

The same goes for the thing you are promoting, think about the product or service and the appeal it might have to the viewer. Think about TV commercials that are on during your favorite shows. A soda commercial looks a lot different than a life insurance ad. The former holds less gravitas than the latter. Soda is supposed to be fun. Life insurance is a lot more serious.

Swap the two products with one another. Can you imagine what an ad for Liberty Mutual would look like as a Mountain Dew commercial? They don’t really go together.

Keep it Brief

The longer you video, the more likely you are to lose the attention of your audience. You’re not making a full-length motion picture here. This is about getting your message out in the shortest amount of time possible. They say brevity is the soul of wit and when it comes to creating an effective corporate video, the goal is to stay on topic and get your point across quickly.

You’re using this video as a marketing tool, so it should work in concert with other forms of marketing. Don’t put the entire message in your video, direct your audience to visit your website, click a link for more information. Let the video be your starting point, a call to action if you will, that will lead the viewer to do things that can bring them the full picture in other areas.