Repairing damage from hurricanes is expensive. For example, according to estimation by Moody’s analytics, hurricanes Irma and Harvey caused between $150 billion and $200 billion in damages in Texas and Florida.

And this hits home on a personal level when, even after insurance payments, homeowners are left with damage to their own finances. Fortunately, there are things you can do to better prepare your home from a storm so the chance of damage is less likely.

A new product invented by a Charleston, SC entrepreneur may have a solution.

Muhler,Charleston, SC storm protection, window, door, and sunroom company has created an innovative  product called Storm Trim™ that can be rapidly deployed and can protect any brand of windows or doors from a storm.

According to Henry Hay, president of Muhler, “The first thing in safeguarding your home from the storm is to protect your openings.  The two main ways to do so are to either use impact rated glass or a protective cover for your openings.  Since impact rated glass can literally double the cost of storm protection, 90 to 95 percent of the market does not choose impact glass due to the expense.  So, that leaves covering the openings and there have traditionally been problems with older systems.  We have solved those problems with Storm Trim™.

Storm Trim™ is a brand new product developed by Muhler.  Testing has recently been completed and the storm protection attachment system, which has no metal involved, can be put around windows and doors with few restrictions. On the head and sill of a window, you just remove the decorative cover, exposing the track and install your hurricane protection covers. That’s an easy solution.”

Storm Trim™ makes it easier and faster to prepare for a storm by solving these problems:

  1. Metal shutters, panels and associated hardware, corrode. Storm Trim™ has no metal so does not corrode.
  2. Dirt and sand can get in attachment points. Storm Trim™ doesn’t have this issue.
  3. Unsightly permanent fasteners for mounting protection. Storm Trim™ has an easily removed decorative cover so it blends in with windows and doors.
  4. Impact windows are expensive. Storm Trim™ is very affordable.
  5. Storm protection products that are specific to certain windows and doors. Storm Trim™ can fit any window and door with few exceptions.

Clearly, Muhler’s new Storm Trim™ offers home storm protection in a snap and, if you live in an area where tropical storms and hurricane are prevalent, is well worth considering.