New hot trend of startups delegating private jets is taking the aviation sector by storm

Private jets have recently become a little more available to the affluent. There used to be simple schemes once. You book a private jet of your choice without any discounts or special offers, and you used to receive the same in a given time. Now, the aviation sector is proliferating with new and ingenious startups sculpting the industry into something beautiful, with a huge number of private jet plans that make private flying cheaper and easier.

The precursor to this movement is the unique business model of JetSmarter, where customers are provided an app to book a private jet speedily with economic prices. This was made possible through CEO Sergey Petrossov’s innovative approach. JetSmarter has five different flight plans that differ in prices and the nature of services. These are categorised under three tiers of memberships: Pay As You Go, Simple, and Smart.

JetSmarter CEO Sergey found that there are more than 20,000 private jets flying every day in the USA. An average private jet only flies 200 hours a year, which should actually be 1,500 hours. In addition to the same, almost a third of the plane seats are always empty.

The inefficiencies stacked up and created a huge blob of disorganization that wasted money. Petrossov believed that these inefficiencies could be cut down to reduce private jet costs. Following the success of Florida-based startup, Surf Air and VistaJet followed suit.

Surf Air is a simple private jet service with an unlimited ‘all-you-can-fly’ scheme, offering three packages that start from $1,950. Their premium plan provides six seats with a complimentary guest seat each month. It’s aimed at customers who wish to escape to scenic and relaxing places during their weekends.

VistaJet lets its customers ‘own’ a jet that are released under a bombardier warranty. The USP of VistaJet is its promptness in delivering the private jet. The customers are charged, based on the hours they fly.

There are more such companies, namely Victor, Surf Air, Wheels Up, etc. This growth points to the speedy development of the aviations sector, which has been suffering from low-quality client services. The affluent wishes to book private jets more than flying business class on a normal flight. Private jets save from the hassle of problematic security screenings and bag-checking woes. Soon, every well-to-do family can afford flying on a private jet.