The Importance of a Dedicated Desk for Good Work Flow

Co-working spaces have so many benefits for professionals. For professionals working in this environment, your co-workers become a well of easily accessed resources. For entrepreneurs, co-working spaces are a hub of activity and possible sources of funding their ventures. Start-ups also have found a friendly place to incubate and grow their business in the co-working space.

A great theme found in much of the literature related to co-working in Australia is that it encourages professionals, especially those who work from home, to get out of that isolating rut of working alone. With hot desks being the hub of activity, professionals have a plethora of opportunities to engage socially. However, for professionals who need a little more space, renting a dedicated space is a viable option that provides both a permanent space to work and the social aspect of working with other professionals.

Keep reading below for more information on the importance of a dedicated space.

Dedicated Versus Hot Desk

While you might find yourself working in an open space with people who come from diverse industries, the places where you actually work differ. Two of the most common set-ups you might see are the hot desk and the dedicated desk. The hot desk is a temporary space that often comprises a table with or without desk computers. These spaces operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The dedicated desk, alternatively, is an assigned space that is used by one person. The rates for these desks are a little higher, but the space is reserved. Take a look at the Servcorp dedicated desk to learn more about the different types of amenities that come with leasing a dedicated desk.


First and foremost, the dedicated desk offers one major advantage over the hot desk in that it provides you with privacy. In a space where you might find people milling in and about the space, dedicated spaces carve out an area that is designated for you. For professionals whose work involves dealing with confidential or sensitive information, the dedicated desk is a sensible solution to a hot desk where prying eyes might compromise your sensitive information. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about losing your favourite spot because your desk is only leased to you.


Because your desk is a permanent spot, you can personalise it to your own taste. More significantly, many of these spaces allow you to store personal items needed for work. This prevents you from having to lug everything to and from the office on a daily basis.


The dedicated desk offers those professionals who have to work with a certain amount of discretion the opportunity to lease space at an affordable rate. For professionals to lease space in one of Australia’s central business districts, they would have to spend a pretty penny in securing a private office much less paying the overhead on managing the office, which would include utilities, internet, cable and sewage. For a much cheaper rate, you can lease a personal desk from a co-working space that would allow you to function in the same way as you would while renting an office.

Reduced Distractions

Because hot desks can easily transform themselves into a hub of social activity, professionals can succumb to the hazards of working while networking. The dedicated desk can reduce the social distractions that come with co-working by physically removing you from the party scene. In some cases, these desks are far enough away from the area to provide you with enough serenity to concentrate.

An Island To Yourself

While in the middle of a co-working space that hums during its peak hours, you can still manage to work. The dedicated desk can give you the needed space and privacy to work on any task. More importantly, the dedicated desk is a budget-friendly alternative to conventional office leasing.